Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon

We're reading this for the PHS Book Club, and so I'm reading it for the second time (which I don't usually do). But I'm forced to remember why I like this one so much. Brent Runyon's autobiography is shocking and a tearjerker. I love it. This book is SOOO much better than A Child Called It and any of the Pelzer books. I wish this one received the same amount of press. This book is on the 2005-2006 Abe Lincoln list and the author has created an awesome website at www.burnjournals.com. Go to the site to see pictures of the author and excerpts of interviews. Mr. Runyon sets himself on fire at fourteen, and spends a year plus in recovery. This is his story. It's not depressing, and I love the musical references. He's my age, so I listened to the same music as he did--Suicidal Tendencies, Warrant, etc. Ahh, I'm showing my age!

The Road of the Dead by Kevin Brooks

Ooooo, you're going to love this one! I'm a big fan of Brooks, especially his Martyn Pig and Lucas. This novel would make a great movie! The suspense, drama, kidnapping, torture, telepathy, brotherhood aspects are unbelieveable. I want to be a gypsy now. I think I deserve brothers like the main characters. The premise of their sister being raped and murdered is unfortunate, but their revenge of the people behind her killing would make the mafia proud.

Deogratias: a tale of Rwanda by Jean-Philippe

I was disappointed in this graphic novel, I must admit. The artwork is bold and frightening, as intended, but the text doesn't move me. Yes, the Rwanda genocide is horrible, disgusting, and heart-wrenching. Yes, the male/female and Hutu/Tutsi relationships are scary. Yes, the whites are naive and idiotic. But I was expecting a Maus, and I didn't get it. The language of the characters prevents me from suggesting this to the World History class.