Thursday, February 22, 2007

King Dork by Frank Portman

Supposedly (!) the author of this YA novel is a big shot punk group guy. You can tell by reading this novel. It reminded me of High Fidelity because of all the band names, song titles, and "ratings" of 70s bands. Really, it seems like an autobiographical novel, but without knowing the author I'm not sure. But chances are the guy was a big dork in high school! How else could he get inside the mind of a teenage nerd so well?
This one started out hilariously. I laughed. I thought the main character, Tom Henderson, was a quirky kid who had a good story to tell. I liked the whole mystery thing about whether his dad was murdered/set up/committed suicide/whatever. I liked the girl/guy relationship problems in the novel. But somewhere around page 200, I started getting bored. I read the reviews on amazon and someone else agrees with me. The book just starts to drag and I think it needed some editing. I didn't like the ending. Sounds corny to sum it up like that in one sentence, but after finishing the book, I thought, "Well, heck, I liked the first half!"

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