Monday, February 18, 2008

Taken by Chris Jordan

I was thoroughly engrossed by this airport-bookstore-like thriller. High school students would love this mystery-suspense adult novel, so I have to make sure I buy a copy for our library.

Kate Bickford is a successful suburban single mother with an adopted lovely 11 year old boy. Everything is normal until he disappears after his Little League game. Over the next few days, Kate (unrealistically) takes on characteristics of Jack Bauer and helps lead an investigation of her missing son, all the while serving as the lead suspect of a murdered sheriff's deputy who was found in a freezer in her basement. Kate's been framed, her money is gone, and her son is still missing. Why? She gets some help from her attorney and a kidnapping expert. The reader sees things from the kidnapper's point-of-view, too, and understands why the boy was taken. Of course, it doesn't make sense, but at least the kidnapper had good intentions. Everything is pleasantly wrapped up in the end, but this is an example of a clean, intense read.

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