Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow

2009 Alex Award Winner!

Wow. This adult novel definitely kept me occupied today when I should have been doing other things. But I had to finish it! In the plethora of vampire and werewolf novels that are coming out lately, it's nice to read a good one. Barlow tells this graphic tale in verse, which means that I had to concentrate a little bit to read it. I'm not a poetry fan (even though this isn't poetry), but it's still harder for someone like me to read.

Sharp Teeth is a tale of dog packs in California. There are leaders, followers, and the token female in the pack. Some of mobsters. Some are pets. And some are just trying to make some money and get power. I'm not even really sure how to go about summarizing this novel. But it's good. And gripping. And graphic. They are dogs, ya know, who are hungry for blood.

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