Thursday, June 19, 2008

Captivity by Debbie Lee Wesselmann

I enjoyed this adult novel about chimps more than I thought I would. It did surprise me. But all those starred reviews mean something! It isn't so much a novel of chimps, so I wish the cover didn't look so chimp-y. It's really a novel about Dana, who was raised with a chimp as a sister as a psychology experiment. When the chimp was removed from the household, it tore Dana's family apart. Now Dana is almost 40 and working as the head of a chimp sanctuary. But someone let the chimps lose and one ran around outside the facility until it was hit by a car. Dana's job is at risk and she has to save herself. At the same time, her drifter loser brother is back in town, crashing at Dana's house and emotionally draining her.

I'm not sure what student I would recommend this book to, and that's the problem. There isn't a huge demand for chimp stories. Or books about an adult who had a traumatic childhood. But, for adults, this is a decent read.

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