Monday, July 7, 2008

A Ticket to Ride by Paula McLain

I felt like I'd read this adult novel before, but maybe I just read too much? It's 1973 in Moline, Illinois (yay! love the setting!) and Paula is bored. She just moved from California to live with her Uncle Raymond and she has no idea where her mother and father are. Then cousin Fawn moves in because she was involved in a sex scandal with a teacher. whoooooo. Fawn makes Paula her project--haircut, makeup, new clothes. Then the two teenagers start hitting the town at night. They smoke, drink, meet boys, and eventually end up in Chicago drunk with no ride home. Bad things happen to Paula, and even worse things happen to their friend Claudia. Through it all, Paula knows that Fawn is cruel but Paula doesn't have the guts to stop the friendship. Paula likes being manipulated. This is quite the family drama.

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