Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Secret Between Us by Barbara Delinsky, Read by Cassandra Campbell

There's nothing like listening to a chick drama in the car! I must say that this one bored me a bit though. Ooooo, a secret! It's tearing up the kid! She can't sleep! She can't do homework! She doesn't want to text her friends! Wah-wah.

Deborah allows her daughter to drive home in the rain at night. She hits her teacher, who eventually dies. But he was out in zero visibility weather without reflective clothing. And Grace did have her driver's permit. But Deborah doesn't tell the police everything and they assume that Deborah was driving. The secret destroys Grace. Eventually the secret comes out. Add in a recent divorce for Deborah, a cute brother of the deceased, and a cheating lawyer, and you have a pretty typical dramatic book.

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