Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

As soon as I saw this advanced review copy on the showroom floor at Midwinter this week, I snatched it. After reading Alex Award contenders for a year, I was thirsting for some really good chick lit! And Caletti fulfilled, as always. Quinn is a teenage girl still optimistic about love, even though the other women in her family give her nothing but advice. Heck, the list of what a man should NOT do is even posted on the refrigerator door! Both her mom and grandma are jaded, but Quinn and her aunt aren't giving up yet. Quinn realizes what it's like to lose someone you don't really love, and to be gain someone you love at first sight. But the best parts of the novel are the vignettes of advice from the women in the book. Most of the women are ex-wives or ex-girlfriends of Quinn's father. Um, let's just say he loves 'em and leaves 'em. But then he takes a souvenier. So, Quinn and her step-sister take off on an extended weekend to return the "stuff" their dad has collected over the years. During the journey, they connect as sisters, start to understand their father more, and discover a lot about themselves. A great read!

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