Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Street Love by Walter Dean Myers

Well, it finally happened! I read a Myers book that I didn't like. I found myself reading this one aloud quite often. It's written in verse format, but still actually reads like poetry, and I'm more of a fan of verse novels. I just can't imagine two kids talking like they do in this book, so I couldn't into the plot.

"Damien, so are you saying
You're ready to fly?
Cop some getaway like all the other sleek
Birds winging through distant trees with just
An occasional peek
Now and then and a slanted rap about
Old school memories?"

I just couldn't get into this! It's supposed to be a love story, but I didn't see how the two fell in love when they barely speak in the book. But, hey, maybe I'm a cynic? :)

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