Sunday, March 8, 2009

Genesis by Bernard Beckett

Houghton Mifflin was really pushing this thin little adult sceince fiction novel at ALA in January. In fact, it was the only adult title they mentioned at their dinner preview. It was released in New Zealand as a young adult title, I believe.

The entire book is a transcript of Anax's question-and-answer session with three judges. Anax's goal is to enter the Academy, the ruling entity of her futuristic world. But to do so, she had to select a topic of study, and she chose Adam Forde. And, so, during her answers, we learn about the history of her society. I must admit I was bored in the middle with the transcripts of Adam's discussion with the robot. I'm not too into philosophy, so I'm interested to see what teens think about this quick little book. And, hey, since I somehow ended up with three advanced reading copies, I'm all set for distribution! And I know the Houghton reps kept going on and on about the ending, but I wasn't too surprised.

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