Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Madapple by Christina Meldrum, Ready by Kirsten Potter

Oooo, I see what the fuss was about with this YA novel! It's awesome! Yay! I listened to the audiobook and wanted to keep driving during the last two CDs. I HAD to know how it ended! Aslaug was raised in a small house in the woods with her mother, isolated and educated. When her mother dies, Aslaug has to learn how to survive in a modern world. But modern people take advantage of girls like Aslaug. She is taken in and taken advantage of. Through Aslaug's court transcripts (why, oh why, is she in court you may ask?) and her own reflections, you'll get sucked into Aslaug's world. She's an awesome teenage girl. You cheer for her as you read and you dread the reliability of the narrator and the decisions of the court. What's the truth? Is Aslaug a murderer? a mother? a prophet? a saint? or just a confused girl?

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