Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Abandonment by Peter Rock

2010 Alex Award Winner!

Caroline is thirteen and her whole world changes when she is treed and taken to the police station. She and her father live in a state park, running from the public, hiding their house, and keeping away from everyone. Why? Because her dad thinks people are after him. But they keep a po box so he can collect his money from being in a war. The two of them are happy together, even after they are placed in a house on a ranch. The dad has to work and Caroline enjoys the food, house, and clothing. She's even excited about going back to school. But her dad's paranoia gets the best of him and they run off again. But, as you read, Caroline starts to let you know things. Why did they really run? What's this about a sister? And is her mother really dead? There's just enough mystery in this beautifully written novel to keep you thinking. It's a winner!

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