Friday, April 10, 2009

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

All librarians love authors who send them free books. And Elizabeth Scott is one of the best! First of all, high school girls love to read her books. I think Scott and Sarah Dessen are the two best female chick romance writers out there right now, and highly recommend both of them. See my review of Living Dead Girl, and check out LibraryThing for my 5 starred reviews for most of Dessen's titles.

You all know who Hugh Hefner is. Hannah is the teenage daughter of an old man surrounded by playmates. She lives with her mother who makes her living off of dressing scantily in front of webcam. What a life, right? But Hannah wants to blend in at school and not be like her parents. She wears a ponytail and works at a telemarketing place that takes fast food drive thru orders. Hannah swears Josh is the boy for her and Finn is just the annoying boy at work who annoys her. But do people like (or dislike) her just because of who she is? Can Hannah ever learn to like her father again when everything he does is driven by his tv show ratings? Will Josh or Finn win Hannah's heart?

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