Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar, Read by Ryan MacConnell and the Full Cast Family

I've been meaning to read or listen to this young adult novel for years, but just got around to it! I know Lubar created the idea for Full Cast audio, so I'm glad I was able to interlibrary loan the CDs.

Scott Hudson is a lowly freshman trying to survive high school. His older brother was a popular troublemaker who is kinda a loser now that he's out of high school. Scott's friends are leaving him--moving, joining the wrestling team, and just drifting apart. Scott is constantly trying to get closer to Julia, the beautiful classmate who might be out of his league. But the freaky pierced girl is getting a lot of his attention, too, even though Scott is embarrassed to be seen with her. And, um, Scott's mom is pregnant. So the story is told in a journal (not a diary, he tells us) to his future sibling. Let's just say he isn't too thrilled with sharing his home with a whiny little kid! Scott is a smart, funny kid, even though he is exhausted from him freshman year.

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