Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman deserves her starred review in Booklist, but I'm just not really sure what to think of her latest adult novel. Her writing is beautiful, but I like to become attached to my characters and Hoffman has a deliberate way of separating the reader from her characters.

Elv, Claire and Meg are three sisters who create their own language and fantasy world to escape the troubles of their parents' divorce. I love the descriptions of the world and even the way the sisters communicate and feed off each other. But then they start to drift apart. And as the sisters drift apart, so did my interest in them as people. Elv goes downhill until she crashes. And I won't even mention what happens to one of the sisters. But let's just say that tragedy strikes. The girls become women I wouldn't like, so the book was difficult to read. I zipped through the first half, but the last half bogged down a bit.

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