Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strangers in the Land of Egypt by Stephen March

Well, Publishers Weekly called this a well-written read, and I'm going to disagree with them. In fact, I started underlining all the sentences that made me roll my eyes. I felt like I was getting preached to, and that isn't a happy feeling for me. But, hey, I know what I like. I don't like Mitch Albom books. If you love them (like the millions who do) then you might like this adult novel. But I had to force myself to finish this book even though I knew how it would end. Heck, I was even watching Marley & Me this afternoon as I finished it. How appropriate it that?

I never felt that Jesse was a believable teenage character. He supposedly is tough and mean and wants revenge against anyone who has wronged him. Yet he gets sucked into Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner." Really? Because that's what all the hoods on the wrong side of the tracks like? And how Tuesdays with Morrie is this book? Young boy gone wrong must do community service with an old Jewish man in a nursing home who has survived the Holocaust. Gee, do you think they bond? Even though they are from different worlds? Do you think the boy learns respect for different cultures?

Ugh. I'm gagging.

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