Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scarpetta by Patricia Cornwell, Read by Mary Stuart Masterson

I was a huge fan of Cornwell, but her last few books have been rather disappointing, so I decided to listen to the abridged version of her latest novel. I think that's the route I'm going from now on. I picked the bad guy out before the Pete Marino did, and I really think his character is smarter than me. ;)

Kay Scarpetta is married to Benton now and the two of them are advising the NYPD on an important case involving murdered women, a slanderous blog, a dwarf, and a multiple aliases. heehee. Basically it's another twisted tale of someone out to get Scarpetta, so her niece Lucy, Benton, and Marino have to come to her rescue. Haven't we all read this plot before in earlier Scarpetta novels? Maybe it's time to write a novel based on Lucy. I think she rocks!

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