Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wedding Belles by Haywood Smith

I listened to this audiobook because I knew the author wrote the Red Hat Club book. And, hey, I'm a sucker for an audiobook read by someone with an accent. I got my fill of southern talk with this one! The four friends still meet for lunch regularly with their red hats and purple clothes, but things aren't going well for Georgia. Her only daughter is getting married to her husband's best friend and Georgia can't stand the embarrassment. I must admit I was a little bored with it all. She just couldn't let it go and be happy for her daughter. She was obsessed with finding out all his faults and trying to "save" her daughter from making a mistake. I guess I'm seeing things from the daughter's perspective. The other red hat friends have their own problems, too, but Georgia is the focus in this one. All in all, an easy summer listen.

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