Monday, August 3, 2009

Lime Tree Can't Bear Orange by Amanda Smyth

What a satisfying read! This seems like an Oprah book to me--wonder if she's heard of it yet?

Celia grew up in Tobago with an aunt because her father ran off to England after her mother died during childbirth. Always an outsider, Celia then has to deal with a handsy step-uncle who eventually rapes her. But Celia isn't one to give in. She runs away toward her aunt, but gets sidetracked by a sickness that leads her to working as a nanny for a rich family. Celia lives up to the witchwoman's words and hurts one man who loves her and can't have the man she loves. This is so like an Oprah book! It's a romance with a woman who has been wronged, but she can't make the right decisions because of her abuse as a young girl. She isn't quite sure how to be in a positive relationship with a man, and eventually understands that her parents didn't quite have the right idea either.

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