Monday, July 5, 2010

13 to Life by Shannon Delaney

I'm blogging from my phone due to the holiday. I've been looking forward to reading this novel because an earlier version of it won a contest at as a novel written on a cell phone. So it's only fitting that I'm writing my blog on my Droid, right?

Jessica has some issues because her mother died in a car accident and her father isn't quite sure what to do with a teenage girl. She gets good grades, works on the family horse farm, and surrounds herself with girlfriends and newspaper buddies. But then she is asked by the office to show Pietr around, a transfer student from a neighboring town. His Russian accent and rugged good looks attract lots of attention, and Jessica doesn't want any part of it. But she can't help it. The bad boy is attractive. And has secrets that Jessica will find out.

I could have done without the plotline of Jessica's need to sacrifice herself (with Sarah) because I didn't think it was needed or supported the main plot sequence with Jessica and Pietr. Their chemistry and Jessica's snarkiness made the book and will make the sequel, too. It should be noted that I read an ARC that had many mistakes, but I'm assuming those will be corrected in the paperback original that is supposed to be out in July. Oh, and guess what? This is a werewolf title!

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