Monday, July 26, 2010

Click: One Novel Ten Authors

The proceeds from this novel go to Amnesty International, and that theme does run a bit through the chapters. Each chapter is written by a different author, and some of them are big names like David Almond, Nick Hornby, Gregory Maguire, and others. The overall theme is that a photojournalist dies and leaves some gifts to his grandchildren. Maggie receives a box of shells and Jason receives a stack of autographed photographs. Interesting enough, eh? But then each chapter gives the reader a little bit more information.

I'm not sure why this collection was published YA because I think it could be a hit with adults. Or really, really introspective teens. I found the intertwining of the stories fascinating and felt that Maggie and Jason were really fleshed out. And, whoa, what a twist about Grandpa at the end! I didn't see that coming! Gregory Maguire futuristic chapter was my least favorite, probably because it was such a stretch from the rest of the book. But I'll forgive him since he's awesome.

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