Thursday, July 29, 2010

Invisible Boy by Cornelia Read

I was excited to see this new adult novel at my public library because I enjoyed her previous book The Crazy School. (Although after reading my mediocre review of it, I thought I had enjoyed it more!) I remembered the snarky main character though and was thrilled to have her back in this new book. Madeline is living in NYC with her husband and employment is an issue. She is working for horrible pay taking catalog calls. Her husband ends up taking a job for her old friend Astrid's new husband, racist though he is. When helping to clean an old city cemetery, Madeline finds a skull. And she can't rest. She testifies before the grand jury, and ends up being the target of a hit.

I found it embarrassing to see how much private information the ADA and police woman told Madeline. Surely they don't give out that much information to witnesses in real life, right? If so, we're screwed! Madeline involves herself into the investigation a little too much. I didn't care for how the Astrid situation resolved itself (brutally) and needed more explanation--maybe my questions will be answered in the next novel?

Because no matter the problems I had with the novel, I want to read more about Madeline. She's a great spunky character, even if she's a little too involved with recreational drugs for my taste.

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