Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trance by Linda Gerber

Ashlyn has always had trances. She explains them as epileptic seizures, but she and her sister know they aren't. They "disappear" for a few minutes and have visions of the future and write series of numbers on papers. The sisters discuss their trances, and can figure out what is going to happen. When Kyra has a vision of a car wreck involving their mother, Ashlyn is too drunk to know if she has had a vision or not. So when their mother dies, Kyra blames Ashlyn. The trances don't stop, but Ashlyn is determined to understand the numbers on the paper. With the help of a new friend who has studied numerology and a possible boyfriend named Jake, Ashlyn learns to control her trances and figures out where she belongs.

All in all, this book is pretty cheesy. I prefer the author's Death by Bikini series.

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