Friday, December 24, 2010

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Sorry, folks, but I'm not sure where the Kirkus Review-er gets off saying that "Stephanie Meyer meets John Green in debut author Waters's wry, original supernatural romance..." I sure didn't read any John Green-like stuff in this book! But I do see the Stephanie Meyer. I'm not sure about the "original" either. I've read lots of zombie books this year for PPYA and I didn't see much new here. I do wonder about the cover though--the main characters aren't zombie cheerleaders. In fact, there aren't any zombie cheerleaders, but there is a zombie who wears a short plaid skirt. Stick to the plot, publishers, when you're choosing a cover, please!

Phoebe falls in love with a zombie boy, and, of course, this is frowned upon by the masses. She and her best friends join a political support group for the biotic different and try to support the zombies. The zombies in this world differ in abilities, and tons of zombies are coming to Oakvale High, because it is supportive of the undead. But not all the students like having the undead in their walls, and, of course, there is a Dave Karofsky-Glee character who wants to see all undead dead. Again.

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