Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

At the end of If I Stay, Mia squeezes her boyfriend’s hand and decides that she wants to come out of a coma. But now it’s 3 years later, and, whoa, things have changed. Mia is fresh out of Juilliard with honors and already a touring cellist. ? is a huge rock star--complete with shaking hands and a pill bottle. He’s a mess, all because Mia left of Juilliard years ago and never came back. Or called back. But it made for some great lyrics, even if he’s terrified now of mobs in public spaces. On a fluke, ? is in New York City for an interview and wanders into Mia’s performance. A trip backstage and they are staying up all night to talk about what has happened in the past three years. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. He still loves her, that’s clear. But she may be trying for closure. Or maybe not.

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