Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hero Type by Barry Lyga

Mr. Lyga, you're getting too preachy for me in this one. Sure, you can write about flag burning, and ribbons on cars, and American symbols, but try not to stuff it down my throat, okay?

Kevin Ross lives with his dad and misses his mom and brother who live in California. He's an instant hero when he saves the life of a fellow classmate. She was about to be killed by a serial killer, but Kevin saved the day. He loves the girl, but he doesn't want to admit why he followed her into the alley that day either. When the press spots Kevin remove some yellow ribbon magnets from his car, quite the controversy ensues. Kevin goes from hero to dirt pretty quickly and manages to research and debate the topic pretty heavily. This just fell short of Fanboy and Goth Girl and Boy Toy.

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