Monday, July 11, 2011

The Outer Banks House by Diann Ducharme

Reviewed from Uncorrected Proof. Book was published June 2010.

Ahhhh, the perfect beach read! Abigail’s daddy might be crazy--he just built a little beach house right next to the water at Nag’s Head, North Carolina. No one else builds that close to the ocean! But Abigail loves the air, water, and freedom. Her ma is sickly, but Abigail has to give reading and writing lessons to a dirty local fisherman. Who, of course, ends up being the man of her dreams. He teaches her about racism, even though it’s Abigail who lives on a plantation and had slaves who are now her low paid servants. Abigail is practically engaged to an up-and-coming doctor, but his prettiness and uselessness is a complete turnoff after a summer at the beach.

Abigail’s about-face about slaves, black people, and rascism is a bit of a stretch, but her ability to teach freed slaves was a plus. She becomes entrenched into the “colored community” on Roanoke Island, and is shocked when her daddy shows his true colors in a lynching. Abigail’s story is breezy and light, but really well written--I enjoyed it and it puts me in the mood to go to the beach. Alabama, here I come!

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