Friday, July 15, 2011

Shelter by Harlan Coben

My teens love Harlan Coben, so I was interested to see that he took the James Patterson route and wrote a book for teens. And it was soooo much better than Patterson's "talk down to teens" books.

Mickey Bolitar is 15, but not your typical teen. He's traveled the world with his parents and lived in some strange and third-world places. Along the way he learned martial arts and some other helpful tricks. When the first girl he likes at his new school disappears, Mickey tries to find her. Next thing you know, he's involved in a white slave trade affair in his new hometown. His mom is in rehab (not dealing well with the death of his father) and he's learning more and more about what kind of job his dad had. Mickey is a darn good hero--making friends with the fat goth girl at school and befriending the school trivia nerd. All in all, I think Coben has a great start to a new series!

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