Friday, July 29, 2011

Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker

Reviewed from Uncorrected Advance Proof. Final book was published 7/19/11.

Lacey is a good Christian girl and has never doubted her parents and their faith. But when her old classmate Ty moves back to town and her best friend's older sister gets pregnant, Lacey starts to wonder if her religion is the right one. Is it fair that the girl who gets pregnant is shunned while her boyfriend can act like nothing happened? Are all sins treated equally in the eyes of the Lord? Because when her church creates Hell House, a haunted house-ish horror show that acts out sins to bring people closer to God, all sins are equal--gay marriage, abortion, drunk driving. But are they really all bad? Ty questions some of these himself and since Lacey likes him, she starts to wonder, too. Love makes things tricky and even her parents' love might not help her.

The book was a little too preachy for me and I didn't like the church Lacey belongs to. But I think some freshmen and sophomore girls would really like this book, especially because that's when many teenagers begin to question the church they have been brought up in. We'll see how it circulates in my library.

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