Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paper Covers Rock by Jenny Hubbard

I guess I'm on a kick reading books about wrong relationships between teachers and students--ewwww. This book was a 2012 Morris Award Honor book so I started it before my Dallas conference and then accidentally left it at home when I left! Oh, the horrors!

First, you can tell it was written by an English teacher--tons of literary references.  Secondly, it's one more book to add to your Boarding School list.  Third, it's the main character, Alex, who has a crush on his English teacher.  Miss Dovecott is just trying to help him with his writing, but Alex doesn't have anything else to obsess on, so she's the winner.  Alex is a messed up kid--he witnessed the death of one of his fellow students at the river.  (A Separate Peace, anyone?)

I'll recommend this to my more literary readers at school...you know who you are!

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