Friday, February 24, 2012

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I have caught the steampunk bug like many of America's teens so I was anxious to read the tale of a steampunk Cinderella.

Cinder is a cyborg--part human and part machine. She isn't sure why, but parts of her have been replaced with mechanical parts--her spine, her foot, her hand, etc.  As a cyborg, she isn't a real citizen of New Beijing. She is "owned" by her step-mother.  It's a futuristic society, too--everyone has an ID chip embedded in his or her wrist.  Add in a plague, too, okay? (I swear, this sounds like a lot going on, but it blends together easily) Cinder is a mechanic who fixes droids and robots, but she finds out that she isn't quite who she thinks she is.  When the evil queen of the moon arrives on Earth to arrange her own marriage with Prince Kai, all of Earth falls under her spell, but, for some reason, Cinder is immune to her witchy ways.

I think this book will be popular with younger teen readers--nothing edgy here, but lots of fast action and sci fi romance.

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