Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This One Time with Julia by David Lampson

For all of you who like weird books, this one is for you! Joe isn't the brightest boy in the bunch--he'd rather gamble than learn to read or be lazy instead of be productive. He might be LD or have Asberger's  or something else, but no one has cared enough to find out for him. His twin brother Alvin likes that Joe never changes, but Alvin isn't the most mentally stable kid in town either.

When Alvin disappears, Joe escapes with Alvin's ex-girlfriend and basically takes his place as pool boy. Joe falls in love (he thinks), but he isn't exactly sure what is going on with Julia's family or Alvin.

I'm really surprised Joe is able to feed himself or survive in his world--he seems so completely out of it. From the front cover, the reader thinks Joe is gorgeous, but he seems so dense that he doesn't seem able to function. It's always difficult to read about characters that are difficult to understand, and Joe, Alvin, and Julia are just not in my world. Thankfully!

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