Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daughter of Winter by Pat Lowery Collins, Performed by Kate Rudd

Addie is a twelve-year-old who has to learn how to be by herself. Her dad left weeks ago for the gold fields, leaving her behind with her mother and little brother. But soon after he leaves, her family becomes sick and Addie has to take care of them herself. She does the best that she can, but they don't make it. Addie is terrified. It's 1849 and she isn't sure how long she can fool the neighbors into thinking her ma is still alive. She doesn't want to be shipped away somewhere else though--what will happen if her pa returns and she isn't there? And so Addie is determined to make it on her own. An old Wampanoag woman helps her, and Addie soon realizes that there is much more to her heritage than she realizes. Nokummus isn't just an old lady--she's an elderly lady who has the answers to questions that Addie doesn't even know she has.

I had to listen to this because the main character's name is Addie! It's a sweet historical read, even if parts are a bit unbelievable.

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