Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. Read by Steve West and Fiona Hardingham

There has been a lot of fuss about this novel--a Printz Honor award winner and an Odyssey Honor award winner, so I wanted to take a listen. Honestly, it moved a bit slowly for me and I'm usually a lover of horse stories. I think I read almost everything Dick Francis wrote back in the day and grew up reading the Black Stallion and Black Beauty books.

Puck is trying to save her family's house by winning the annual Scorpio races. She's a good horse rider, but the problem is the (insert strange name of horses here). The problem with listening to audio is that I have no idea how to spell new words! But these horses are evil--they're fast, vicious, and like to eat other horses and people. So trying to rein them in is dangerous. However, the riders take the risk for the money and the pride. Sean Kendrick is used to winning the races--he's the great (insert name of evil horse) trainer. He and Puck team up--part love interest, part trying to survive.

The audiobook was great except for the voice of the mean horse owner. I really hate when I have to turn the volume down in the car for different characters--and his voice was so loud and grating that I had to turn it down several notches!


Lewis Winter said...

I'm in a Printz club at my local library and began to read this late last year, but had to give it back due to the other customers' demands and could no longer renew it as a Printz book due to the new year. But it seemed mostly interesting to me (it was hard to tell the time period; I pictured it being long ago until the sudden mention of cars and electricity). Still, many of my trusted friends loved it.

Did you like it overall? Not counting audio issues?

Sarah Hill said...

I thought it was interesting--I love historical fiction and horse fiction, but slow moving. I don't think my students will love it as much as they love Shiver.

Lewis Winter said...

Ah, I've not read Shiver, but I own a galley of Forever (which I have also not had the chance yet to read). Perhaps I'll give Shiver a go!