Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drama by Raina Telfemeier. Review from Uncorrected Proof. Pub Date 9/12.

Guest Post by Addie, my 9-year-old daughter

DRAMA is about girl named Callie who is in a acting class at school. She likes a boy who finds out he is gay in acting class. Callie loves to read acting books at the library. In this book Callie is a set designer and at the end of the she becomes the stage manager.

I would recommend this book to my friends because I think they would like it. Callie learns about gay people and how she can still be friends with them.

My reaction:  Well, I guess I probably should have read this first before giving it to Addie! I think the topics covered were a bit over her going-into-4th-grade mind. She'll understand it better when she's in 6th or 7th. I do think it's funny that when I asked what she liked about the book or what she learned from it, she wrote the 2nd paragraph. She then told me that she doesn't have any gay kids in her class at school, so I had to explain that they may not know it yet or not want to share. It was quite the interesting conversation!

I thought the book was adorable. Sweet read about junior high romance--for those who are straight, bi, gay or questioning.  The graphic novel is written like a play in acts, and the fact that the characters are all involved in the middle school play only supports the play-within-a-play concept.

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