Monday, February 10, 2014

Bang by Norah McClintock

Reading hi-lo fiction is always a treat.  This titles in the Orca Soundings series is written at a Reading Level of 3.0, but is intended for secondary school students. 

Quentin and JD are best friends and they get into trouble.  Big trouble.  As in guns.

The plot is simple, the sentences are short, and, unfortunately, things do get wrapped up a little quickly at the end.  But it's only 103 pages and reads like a short story.  If you don't have any Orca Soundings books in your secondary library, you should!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Acceleration by Graham McNamee. Ready by Scott Brick.

Ahhh, I love re-reading a book that I knew I already liked.  This book didn't get much press in its day, but it did win the Edgar Award for best young adult mystery. It's perfect for reluctant readers--edge of your seat mystery.  Duncan works in a dead end job at a subway station's lost and found.  In Canada.  That's right, this book is set in Canada and NOT New York--whoot!

He finds a notebook full of twisted things, notes about setting fires and gutting cats.  And stalking.  The journal owner is stalking women and Duncan needs to help.  The police don't seem interested so he must figure things out himself.  After some research by a close friend and some brawn, Duncan finds himself at risk. Will he survive? Will the bad guy find out that he's being stalked, too?