Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

So I loved this author's young adult book Eleanor & Park.  And then I loved Fangirl so much that I gave it to my niece as a gift, and I RARELY purchase books. I was on the hold list for this title for quite a bit, and was thrilled when it arrived via interlibrary loan yesterday.  Yes, that's right, I read it last night.

It is typical Rowell--full of 80's memories, quirky dialogue, and men who I want to fall in love with. Georgie McCool is a comedy writer for TV sitcoms and her work (and male best friend of 20 years) have taken over her life.  When her husband takes their two daughters to Omaha for the Christmas holidays without her, Georgie remembers how awesome her hubby is and falls in love with him all over again. 

Sounds sweet, doesn't it? But I wasn't a fan of the phone conversations.  I really don't understand why flashbacks couldn't have been used to refresh her memory. I won't say more because I don't want to give anything away.

As always, Rowell is quotable:

"She was pretty sure Seth had practiced all his facial expressions and gestures in front of a mirror, and worked out which ones made him look like a cross between an Abercrombie model and a kitten" (119).

"His voice dipped into a rumble. 'I'm hung up on you.'
'Don't talk like that,' Georgie whispered.
'Like what?'
'That voice.'
'What voice?' he rumbled.
'You know what voice. Your Would you like me to seduce you? voice.'
'I have a Mrs. Robinson voice?'
'Yes,' she said. 'You're a minx.'" (177)

"'It's not like that,' Georgie said. 'You'll see. It's more like you meet someone, and you fall in love, and you hope that that person is the one--and then at some point, you have to put down your chips. You just have to make a commitment and hope that you're right'" (203).

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