Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frozen by Mary Casanova

No, not that Frozen.

But this takes place in Minnesota and since I'm currently freezing in the Northwoods, I thought I would give it a try. Sadie Rose is being raised by the rich Worthingtons, and she can't talk. However, all of a sudden, her voice comes back, she meets other teenagers she likes, she bobs her hair, and stands up to the Worthingtons in order to find out who her parents really are. Her memory conveniently comes back in chunks so that she knows her mom was a prostitute and then she remembers enough about the night when her mom died. Too many coincidences for me in this book, even though I like the time period and setting. And I LOVE the cover. But, when the reader keeps saying, "Really?" Then it needs to be re-written. If it weren't about whores, I would think I had read a middle-grade mystery novel--that's the kind of suspense and intrigue that's in here.

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