Monday, August 4, 2014

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Before this book, I couldn't say that I was a huge Brandon Sanderson fan--I had only read and liked one of his adult novels--Warbreaker.  But now that I've devoured this one, I can call myself a fan, right?

David's world was destroyed when the Epics came to Earth--horrible superpowered humans that killed his dad and took over everything.  Now David is surviving in Newcago (great Chicago references throughout this novel, including Soldier Field) and collecting notes on the Epics.  He wants revenge, and joins The Reckoners to do so.  They are just humans trying to kill epics one-at-a-time, but David serves as the catalyst to get them to rebel in a huge way.  Steelheart is the epic at the helm of Newcago and David wants to bring him down!

This is one of the best superhero/scifi books I've read in a LOOONG time.  So much action that you never want to stop reading.  A main character who you really like--he's funny, young, and stupid at all the right times.  Plenty of warfare/gun details to satisfy the gun nuts at your school and it's an Illinois setting! Yay!

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