Friday, September 26, 2014

Kill My Mother: a Graphic Novel by Jules Feiffer

So you guys know that I don't read too many graphic novels.  When I do, they are award winners or something that a friend recommends strongly. My community college library purchased this adult graphic novel based on a review somewhere, but it hasn't been checked out yet. It's been on display, too. 

The problem? I don't see the teen appeal other than the title. The homage to noir threw me off.  I've read a few pulp detective novels, but I was just confused on this one.  Feiffer is a great artist--he's won all sorts of awards, but I really couldn't tell the characters apart and so I was lost.  The word bubbles are everywhere and my scatterbrain had a hard time following the action.  And there was plenty of action! Totally unbelievable to me, though, especially the war scenes. These characters aren't nice and don't care.  And that meant that I didn't care either.  There are some adult scenes with penises and boobs.  I loved the crossdressing twist, but didn't think that Elsie's character rang true. This was just not my thing.

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