Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Weight of Blood by Laura McHugh

Sometimes there are books that show the bad side of people.  This is one of those. Next time I drive through the boondocks of Missouri, I will be very, very careful!

Deep in the Ozark Mountains, Lucy is worried about the her kinda friend Cheri. Cheri is mentally disabled, and Lucy cared more about her than most.  She gave her old toys, helped her at school, and talked to her when other kids didn't.  After being missing for a year, Cheri's body is found--dismembered.  The police are basically nonexistent in this area--everyone is crooked, taking bribes, and protecting family and friends.  Lucy investigates on her own, but finds out that her family isn't exactly what it seems.  Her own mother died years ago after Lucy's birth, and it turns out that her mother's disappearance is connected to Cheri's. Secrets are everywhere.  And people can be ugly.

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