Sunday, June 7, 2015

Down Don't Bother Me by Jason Miller

Down Don't Bother MeDown Don't Bother Me by Jason Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'm impressed! I wanted to read this adult mystery novel after reading a review of it--the setting is coal country in southern Illinois. So I recognized a lot of place names--Crab Orchard, Carbondale, and all the tiny little podunk towns around there.

Slim is a coal miner--it's in his blood since his estranged dad was one of the scariest coal union leaders around. But he's always been a bit of a finder, too, so he's asked to find out where a man is. Everything is tied to the mines, their corrupt owners, and the people who work in them. I loved finding out more about the mines, but, whoa, I don't think I want to hang around the people too much. Scary stuff. There's a lot of western revenge killing going on in this book, and not much police justice. I sure hope this kind of thing doesn't go on down there in real life? I hope? I mean, I always knew southern Illinois was a good place to hide dead bodies, but yikes....

I did laugh at times while reading this--Slim is a lot like Walt Longmire. Quick witted conversation is always a plus!

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