Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Home Front by Kristin Hannah. Read by Maggi-Meg Reed

Home FrontHome Front by Kristin Hannah
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I had to stop at Disk 5. Why? Because I couldn't handle the way the children were written. They were brats--complete and total children that needed to be grounded forever.

Jolene Zarkades, the main character, is a strong woman. She pilots Blackhawk helicopters and is a national guard captain. She is married to a husband who is a lawyer, so neither one of them should be so pitiful when it comes to raising children. But somehow they both allow their kids to treat them with so much disrespect. They are whiny and selfish, and I couldn't listen to anymore. I'm sure that later in the book, the bratty 12-year-old learns to "respect" her mother who is serving in Iraq, but I couldn't put up with it anymore. I think it's worse in audio--even the voices of the kids are annoying.

The lawyer dad I wanted to smack, too. He's a complete idiot father who left everything to his wife to handle, and then has to rely on his mommy to get through his wife's term of duty. Disgusting.

And I also couldn't stand the main character. Yes, her childhood was horrible. But spoiling her kids isn't helping anything, and neither is treating her husband like another child.

Ugh. This book was everything I hate about popular dramatic fiction.

I still want to read a book about a mother going off to war, though, so let me know a title of a good one.

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