Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: The Fixer

The Fixer The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I never blogged about them, but I know I've read some books by this author that I didn't like. Or, um, finish. But I saw that the reviews of this title were great, so I figured I would give the author another chance. And I'm glad I did!

Totally unbelievable and like an episode of 24, this young adult novel's main character is sixteen-year-old Tess. She is whisked away to DC to live with her older sister after her grandfather's Alzheimer's gets too advanced. Her sister is a "fixer," which means that she's buddies with the president and other important DC people, as well as rich. Tess ends up being a fixer at her high school, too, but the fun and games get serious when a supreme court justice ends up dead. The people around him start dropping like flies, and Tess and her sister are deep in the mess.

Book #2 The Long Game will be out eventually!

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