Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: Disappeared

Disappeared Disappeared by Francisco X. Stork
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sara and her brother Emiliano live in Juarez, Mexico, and both are getting into trouble. Sara is a writer at the local newspaper, and she just won't let the public forget the local disappearing women--she writes a weekly column about the women. It hits close to home for her--her best friend Linda was one who was taken, and Sara hopes that she's still alive and not being too badly abused/trafficked. When Sara is threatened to NEVER write about her friend Linda or else her family will be hurt, she is torn between what is right and what will save her family.

Emiliano is in love with a beautiful rich girl, and he knows that all his little money-making schemes won't ever get him to her level. So when a local big shot offers an illegal deal that would get him rich quicker, he struggles about the decision.

Both siblings end up in a lot of danger, and it turns into quite the action/adventure novel at the end.

Love that Sara's point-of-view is included, even though she isn't a teenager anymore, and that the setting is Mexico.

There were a few parts in the ARC that I hope get fixed--for example, Emiliano doesn't know that his older sister is afraid of heights and needs the bottom bunk. That just seems weird. I also wondered about the 20-pound laptop Sara owned--doesn't that seem awfully heavy? They haven't weighed that much since the 1980's, and no one really even owned a laptop back then.

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