Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shelter by Susan Palwick

I was very disappointed in this adult science fiction novel. I loved the award winner The Necessary Beggar, but I couldn't' even finish this one. I managed 164 pages over two days while I was on vacation, and had to give up. After quitting Shelter, I read two books in one day.

basically, there is a house with artificial intelligence who offers shelter to a homeless man who rescues cats and has had his memory erased. This has something to do with Meredith, a young girl who barely survived a devastating illness as a child, thanks to her daddy's money and isolation. Add in a religion worshiping Mother Earth and Meredith's dad, Papa Preston, who died but lives online. It all sounds strange, but it....was....so....slow and I can't read slow books on vacation. It's against the rules!

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