Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three Girls and Their Brother

2009 Alex Award Winner!

I inhaled this adult novel. It's oh, so good! Three red-headed sisters are suddenly chosen to be photographed for The New Yorker. Next thing they know, they are the It Girls. They are modeling, partying, and running around doing whatever they want because their mother thinks it's cool. This tale is told from the three girls' point-of-view (and their brother) and it works. Amelia, the youngest, is only 14 and is forced to drop out of school. The paparazzi causes too much trouble at school. And there is the whole incident of her biting the movie star. Daria and Polly (ages 18 and 19) are already modeling sexy underwear and partying with old men, although they seem to be trailing their younger sister. In fact, Polly is accused of the curse of stardom--being her sister's entourage. Ooooooo. Philip, the brother, is wonderful, while the agent Collette is dreadful. Add in all the movie stars and directors who have the hots for the girls and you have quite the mess. But throughout it all, the family breaks up and returns and breaks up again. This is a fantastic family drama with everything else thrown in, too. Other than a new cover, I don't know what else this novel needs. Also, the author is a playwright, and I think you can tell. I would love to see this as a play on stage.

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