Friday, June 5, 2009

The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko

When was the last time you read a science fiction novel with doppelgangers? Yeah, that's right, I didn't think so! Do you know what a doppelganger is? It's your parallel self that lives in an alternate universe. The main character of this adult novel is John Rayburn, who is your typical Ohio farm kid. But then he meets himself from another universe and is tricked into strapping on a device and skipping to the next universe. There are thousands of universes in this world and John Rayburn is in everyone. Sometimes he's successful, sometimes he's a troublemaker, and sometimes he's a physical laborer in a stark world. John is stuck with the device and determined to get back to his original world. So he has to skip ahead and learn some physics. He gets some money from selling the concept of a pinball machine in his new world, but finds other universe travelers who are determined to steal his device. Of course, things work out in the end, but the Johns must work together to out-smart the evil ones.

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