Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Breathers by S.G. Browne

Zombie books are just as popular as ever, thanks to the whole Twilight craze. I know, I know zombies aren't big stars in the Twilight series, but they do have the whole undead thing going on.

Andy is reborn undead after a car accident and is forced to live in his parents' basement, attend therapy sessions, and get food thrown at him. Zombies aren't citizens in his world, and they can't even get their social security number back. He's stuck in limbo, so he just sits around and drinks his parents' expensive wine. But then Andy meets Ray, who introduces him to the wonderful jarred venison that starts to make Andy feel better. But, um, we all know what makes zombies tick, right? Breathers (better known as humans) make excellent casseroles. And I don't mean cooking! Andy's unlife starts to turn around with fellow zombie Rita at his side and a potful of Breathers curing his wounds. The plot thickens as Andy becomes the poster child for zombie rights, but, hey, eventually people are going to figure out that zombies eat people. And, um, people don't like that. :)

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