Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wereling by Steve Feasey

Trey doesn't know who broke into his room and destroyed and clawed everything, but he's looking for an explanation. He finds it when a man claiming to be his uncle appears at his orphanage and whisks him away. Instantly rich and connected, Trey discovers his werewolf heritage and just amazingly kicks everything into high gear. Things dropped into place pretty easily in this novel. He's magically a good fighter and instantly able to control his change. Uncle Lucien trusts him to help save the world, too, and save the girl. My eyebrows raised quite a bit and I thought, "Oh, realllly?" in true Saturday Night Live fashion. The epilogue was pretty funny, too, with the plot leading into Trey and Lucien's daughter off to save Lucien's life. Ugh.

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